• Calling All Filmmakers!

    Have you dreamed of seeing your film on the big screen, or perhaps more realistically, on screens around the world?

    Play Pretend Productions is here to turn that dream into reality!

    We're on the hunt for unique, compelling, and utterly watchable films to feature on our website, YouTube channel, and TikTok. Think of us not just as a platform, but as your enthusiastic partners in showcasing your cinematic vision to a wider audience.


    Why Submit Your Film to Us?

    Visibility: Gain exposure on multiple platforms, reaching audiences who are eager to see what you've created.

    Community: Become part of a vibrant community of filmmakers who support and inspire each other.

    Respect: We know how much work goes into each frame of your film. That's why we're committed to treating your art with the respect it deserves, ensuring you retain full rights and credit for your work.


    No Scams, No Tricks, Just Cinema

    We understand the sweat, tears, and endless hours that go into filmmaking. The last thing we want is for you to worry about your work's integrity. Transparency is our middle name, and we're here to celebrate your creativity, not claim it as our own. Before any film is featured, we'll discuss all the details with you, ensuring you're as comfortable and excited as we are.


    Ready to light up screens and captivate audiences? Submit your film to us! Let's create something unforgettable together.


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  • F A Q


    What happens next?

    Our team will review your film to determine if it meets our criteria for posting and promotion on our website and YouTube channel. Your film must be original, with all writing, shooting, and editing completed by you or your team. Please ensure that all names are correctly spelled in the credits for proper acknowledgment.


    Do I get paid?

    Yes, you'll receive compensation via Zelle, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Cash App. To facilitate this, please provide your preferred payment information. Any donations received will be transferred directly to you, ensuring that you receive 100% of the proceeds related to your project.


    Where will my film be displayed?

    Once accepted, your film will be showcased on the "Upcoming Films" page of our website. Upon completion, it will be moved to the "Play Pretend Films" tab. While we initially feature films on the "Upcoming Films" page, we encourage timely completion to transition to the main page, as our audience eagerly anticipates new content.


    What genres of films do you accept?

    We welcome films from various genres, including drama, comedy, horror, documentary, animation, and experimental. As long as your film meets our quality and originality standards, we're excited to consider it for inclusion.


    Is there a limit to the length of the film I can submit?

    While there's no strict limit on film length, shorter films often resonate better with online audiences. However, we're open to considering films of varying lengths as long as they engage viewers and adhere to our submission guidelines.


    Do you accept films that have been previously published or screened elsewhere?

    Yes, we accept films that have been previously showcased at festivals or online platforms. However, we encourage you to ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to share the film on our platform.


    Will I retain the rights to my film after submitting it to your platform?

    Yes, you'll retain the rights to your film even after it's displayed on our platform. We're committed to respecting the creative ownership of filmmakers and ensuring that they maintain control over their work.


    How long will it take for my film to be reviewed and displayed on your platform?

    Our review process typically takes a few weeks, depending on the volume of submissions we receive. Once accepted, we aim to showcase your film on our platform as soon as possible, providing you with exposure to our audience.