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    One Night

    After the death of their friend, Sebastian (played by Dylan Keir), Flags (played by Noah Keir) and his closest companion, Barbosa (played by Joshua Keir), embark on a final journey together.

    Determined to honor their friend's memory, they make a bold decision: to steal Sebastian's urn for a final night together. As they confront grief and nostalgia, their evening takes unexpected turns, leading to heartfelt revelations and a profound exploration of friendship, loss, and the enduring bonds that unite them.

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    Johnny (played by Maximilian Muench) finds himself locked in a high-stakes game of chess with a mysterious stranger in a suit. Confused and desperate for answers, Johnny grapples with the surreal reality of his situation: he's playing against the Devil himself.

    With his life hanging in the balance, Johnny is presented with a haunting choice: win and return to his former existence as a 'pathetic loser,' or lose and achieve the fame he's always craved, even in death.

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    I'm Sorry

    Dennis (played by Joshua Keir) is just your average YouTuber dealing with the ups and downs of online fame. When his fans start demanding an apology for something he did, Dennis reluctantly records a video to make amends. But as he tries to sound sincere, he realizes there's more to it than just words on a screen. Suddenly, the weight of his actions hits him like a ton of bricks.

    Join Dennis as he navigates the tricky waters of public perception, accountability, and the true meaning of saying sorry in the digital age.

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    The Delvery

    In this chilling silent film, a young delivery man's routine drop-off takes a terrifying turn when he unwittingly stumbles into the clutches of a demonic cult led by a seemingly innocent old lady.

    What begins as a simple act of kindness spirals into a nightmarish struggle for survival as he uncovers the sinister truth lurking behind her welcoming facade. 'The Delivery' delivers a harrowing tale of deception, betrayal, and the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary encounters.

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    Como Me Veo


    In this heart-wrenching tale, George (played by Todd Hughlett) and Jenifer (played by Abby Carlson) are thrust into a world of uncertainty when George suffers a sudden heart attack. With his health deteriorating, George's only hope lies in receiving a transplant.

    Meanwhile, Melissa (played by Ruth Costanzo) and Antonio (played by Raul San Martin) are enjoying a romantic evening until tragedy strikes, leaving Antonio fatally injured.

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