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When Evil Lurks Review

Written by: Joshua Keir


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"When Evil Lurks" is a film that truly captivates from start to finish. Its story is incredibly compelling, drawing viewers in with a sense of confusion that gradually unravels into satisfying answers as the film progresses. What sets this movie apart is its fearlessness in showcasing gore; just when you think it won't go there, it dives headfirst into the visceral and grotesque. Kudos to the makeup department for their outstanding work, particularly in creating the hauntingly repulsive "rotten" character, whose appearance is both chilling and beautifully executed.

The performances in "When Evil Lurks" are top-notch. Despite being in Spanish, the language barrier doesn't hinder engagement thanks to the actors' compelling portrayals. Their skillful performances keep viewers glued to the screen, ensuring that even non-Spanish speakers can follow along and remain fully invested. Without strong performances, the film might have lost its grip on the audience within the first few minutes. Moreover, the makeup effects add another layer of authenticity to the performances, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

While "When Evil Lurks" isn't your typical jump-scare horror film, it delivers a different kind of fear that lingers long after the credits roll. It's the kind of unsettling experience that makes you check behind closed doors and sleep with the lights on. Despite its lack of conventional scares, the film's ability to evoke a lasting sense of dread is commendable.

Overall, "When Evil Lurks" is a movie worth watching, and I would certainly revisit it. With its combination of compelling storytelling, impressive performances, and bold visual effects, it earns a solid rating of 7.5 out of 10.