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Wish Review

Written By Joshua Keir

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Disney's latest offering, "Wish," fails to live up to its magical potential, despite an impressive display of Disney projects on screen. While the film boasts a stellar cast and breathtaking visuals, it ultimately falls short due to its lackluster story.

The most glaring disappointment of "Wish" lies in its storytelling. Despite a promising premise, the execution falters, leaving viewers yearning for more depth and coherence. The attempt to mirror the seven dwarfs with Asha and her friends feels forced and convoluted, with the supporting characters remaining largely forgettable.

However, what truly dampens the film's impact is the missed opportunity of its original concept. In the initial idea, Asha's wish upon a star brings a celestial being to Earth in the form of a boy. This star boy was meant to be the focal point of a captivating love story between him and Asha. Such a narrative would have added depth and emotional resonance to the film, elevating it to a new level of enchantment.

Instead, "Wish" squanders this potential in favor of a disjointed plot that fails to engage on a meaningful level. The decision to deviate from the original concept is a regrettable misstep, leaving audiences longing for the enchanting love story that could have been.

In conclusion, "Wish" falls short of Disney's usual standard of excellence. While it may dazzle with its visuals and star-studded cast, its weak storytelling and missed opportunities leave much to be desired. For those seeking a truly enchanting Disney experience, "Wish" may not grant their deepest desires.

Rating: 5/10